Ume Oni Bitters
Ume Oni Bitters
Ume Oni Bitters

Ume Oni Bitters

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Ume Oni 梅鬼 - meaning Plum Devil in Japanese, is our Aranami bitters aged for 1 year with Japanese sour plums, creating more depth and complexity of flavour.  

The perfect accompaniment to pimp your Negroni, rev up your Martini, or add depth and flavour to any gin-based cocktail. Made with the Japanese botanicals from our Aranami Strength Gin, these bitters make a wonderful flavour enhancer with their bitter, salty & sweet elements.


• Ume Boshi (Sour Plum)
• Yuzu Peel
• Cherry Blossom
• Sansho Pepper
• Salt
• Gentian Root

20ml 50% ABV