We're proud to announce Hidden Curiosities and Aranami Strength gins have received the following awards... 
hidden curiosities aranami japanese botanical navy strength 59 abv craft gin great taste award 2023 three star award
"This is a delightfully aromatic complex and nuanced gin. Clear as crystal with an elegantly inviting nose displaying a whisper of ripe juniper, bright and fresh citrus and a dancing hint of sansho pepper with lavender and violet florality. Smooth and silky at first with a velvety texture that suddenly steps up about three gears at once with vibrant peppery intensity!
"There is a woody character to the pepper with hints of cinnamon bark and star anise which builds furiously and reaches a peak of spicy, herby forest fire smokiness. Crunchy sour plum, red cherry and cherry stone then follow on the super long tongue-tingling finale with an olive-like umami note on the thirty-plus-seconds-later finish.
"This is a true blockbuster of a gin, sensational!" - The Guild of Fine Food
Hidden Curiosities Gin Aranami Strength IWSC Gold Award Winner 96 Points
Aranami Strength won a Gold award (an impressive 96/100 points) at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2022.
"Gentle and understated. The nose has delicate, attractive aromas. The palate has excellent integration of botanicals and is both complex and seamless. A stunning spirit with superb balance which stands out from the crowd." - IWSC
Hidden Curiosities Gin IWSC Gold Award Winner 95 Points
"The nose is subtle with a wonderful floral sweetness and delicate aromas of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Vanilla sponge and black pepper are the perfect accompaniments to the deep, juniper backbone running throughout. The finish is lengthy and vibrant. Remarkable!" - IWSC
Great Taste Award 2020Great Taste Award 2020
World Gin Awards 2020 Best English Navy Aranami Strength Gin
Aranami Strength Gin won "Best Navy Strength Gin in England" in the World Gin Awards 2020
"A soft initial sweetness develops into creamy pine. Supple lemon citrus. Excellent quality that I really like." - World Gin Awards
The Gin Guide Awards 2020 Industry Choice Aranami Strength Gin
Aranami Strength Gin won the "Industry Choice Award" in the Gin Guide Awards 2020
Women's Wine and Spirits Awards 2020 Gold Medal Aranami Strength Gin
Women's Wine and Spirit Awards 2020 Hidden Curiosities Silver Medal
Hidden Curiosities Gin World Gin Awards 2020 Contemporary Style Gin
Hidden Curiosities Gin won Bronze in the Contemporary Style Gin category at the World Gin Awards 2020
World Gin Awards 2020 Design Award Hidden Curiosities Gin
Hidden Curiosities Gin won Bronze for best Brand Range Design in the World Gin Design Awards 2020
Great Taste Awards 2018 Hidden Curiosities Gin