Eco-Conscious Craft Gin

At Hidden Curiosities Gin, we firmly believe that a commitment to luxury should go hand-in-hand with a commitment to environmental responsibility. We are gradually reducing our carbon footprint and minimising packaging waste, without compromise on the quality or finish of our products.

Craftsmanship Over Mass Production

Small Batch, Single-Shot Distillation: Both Hidden Curiosities gins are meticulously crafted in small batches. This means that we don't use mass production practices, mechanisation or quick fixes that prioritise quantity over quality, akin to the environmental impact seen in fast fashion. We prioritise the art of distillation, quality, and sustainability over sheer volume and profit. Simply put, we want our customers to taste the difference.

Eco-Friendly Wax Seals: The wax used to seal our Hidden Curiosities and Aranami Strength gin bottles is sourced from 90% renewable materials. We partner with a sustainable and environmentally conscious wax company based in the UK, ensuring our commitment to eco-friendly practices extends to the final detail.

Recyclable and Reusable Glass Bottles: Our distinctive Hidden Curiosities and Aranami Strength gin bottles are not just recyclable but also reusable. They're easy to refill with our recyclable Gin Refill Pouches, saving money and with a lighter carbon footprint. Alternatively, the decorative bottles can be repurposed as elegant vases, olive oil dispensers, hand wash dispensers, lamps, or maybe add fairy lights for a cosy ambience. Glass takes a lot of energy to produce, and has many uses outside of its original purpose.

Recyclable Protective Packaging: Three Layers

1st Layer - Recyclable Inflatable Pouches: Our air-shock inflatable cushioned bags, protecting the gin bottles during transit, are easily recyclable.

2nd Layer - Oxo-Degradable Bubble Wrap: Around the air-shock packaging, our eco-friendly bubble wrap is oxo-degradable. This innovative material breaks down harmlessly, leaving behind only carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. 🌍 

3rd Layer - Recyclable Cardboard Boxes: Along with the air-shock protector, every bottle is securely packed in slimline recyclable cardboard boxes, of only 1mm thickness. Despite minimal cardboard usage, these sturdy boxes withstand any journey and will ensure your gin reaches you in perfect condition. 📦 

Packaging Filler: For larger orders, our robust outer boxes utilise filler from received deliveries—paper-based or recyclable. We adhere to the principle of "reuse, rather than recycle" wherever possible.

Gin is at heart a natural product, and we use botanicals from around the world, with their unique attributes and terroir contributing something special to Hidden Curiosities' recipes. We want to do our part to look after the planet that produced such enticing flavours, so generations after us can enjoy them too.