Eco Friendly Refill Pouches

Hidden Curiosities gin, Aranami Strength gin, and our increasingly popular premixed and ready-to-drink Curious Cocktails are now available in eco-friendly refill pouches!

They provide a considerably reduced carbon footprint being lighter in weight. They're easy to pour and fill your existing Hidden Curiosities glass gin bottles, or you can use them alone with their resealable cap.

These portable pouches are light and easy to carry - why not take one with you to the next BBQ, cocktails on the beach, or camping trip?

The pouches consume a significantly reduced amount of plastic than traditional plastic bottles, and require far less energy to produce, resulting in a lot less waste in the process. Furthermore, they're recyclable (under code 7), and they weigh next to nothing in comparison to our glass bottles, which means a considerably reduced carbon footprint during transportation and delivery.

What's more, you save money! It's a win-win for you and the environment!