Aranami Navy Strength Gin Sample Pouch
Aranami Navy Strength Gin Sample Pouch
Aranami Navy Strength Gin Sample Pouch
Aranami Navy Strength Gin Sample Pouch
Aranami Navy Strength Gin Sample Pouch

Aranami Navy Strength Gin Sample Pouch

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100ml Pouch

Curious to try our award-winning gins, but unsure whether to commit to a whole bottle? We have the perfect solution.

Aranami Strength gin is now available in a 100ml sample pouch. This gives you an opportunity to taste the gin neat, mix it into your favourite cocktail, or see how it stands in a Gin & Tonic without having to stock a whole bottle in your liquor cabinet.

Dip a toe into our award-winning craft gin without taking the plunge of a whole bottle. If you decide you like it (and we have every reason to think you will...), full bottles are always available.  

What's more, they're the same price as our gin miniatures, but with twice the volume of gin! Ideal for yourself, or for a fellow gin lover. 

Just like our refill pouches, these sample pouches are eco-friendly. They're recyclable (under code 7), and provide a reduced carbon footprint being lighter in weight. They also use a significantly smaller amount of plastic than conventional bottles, and result in less energy and waste during production too.  

Aranami Strength Gin

Aranami 荒波 - meaning "Raging Waves" in Japanese, is our powerful, albeit super silky smooth navy strength gin. At 59% ABV and bursting with flavour from 20 botanicals, (7 of which are specifically sourced from Japan), it really packs a punch just like the dragon emerging out of the tempestuous waters featured on the back of the bottle.

The bottle may appear demure with elegant cherry blossom scattered on the label, but this gin is certainly no delicate flower. Overflowing with citrus, pepper and floral notes with a beautifully long finish, this Aranami gin is sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

Style: Japanese Navy Strength Gin

ABV: 59%

Size: 100ml Pouch

Tasting notes:
Waves of bright citrus from Japanese yuzu, tingling spice from lemony sansho pepper, followed by mouthwatering marmalade notes from kabosu and kumquat. Sweetness from creamy Tahitian vanilla, Japanese sour plum and fragrant - almost candied-like - Furano Lavender (from Hokkaido, Japan). Rounded off with delicate herbaceous undertones from shiso leaf, softened and blended harmoniously together with salted cherry blossom.

How to Serve:
Try Aranami Navy Strength Gin neat first, then with ice, followed by a generous splash of premium Indian tonic to open it up and ‘release the dragon’ with a surge of mighty flavours. Jenny, the creator, recommends trying this in a Breakfast Martini with a dollop of Seville orange marmalade, or her favourite, a navy strength Salty Negroni.

There are three exceptional ways to garnish your Aranami Strength gin and tonic. Follow the sweet and sour route with sliced pear and a sprinkling of dried barberries, or why not try Japanese sour plum, strawberry, or golden kiwi. Be daring with a sensory experience of shiso leaf dusted with crushed sansho pepper, or stay simple and make the most of the gin's flavour profile with a zesty citrus twist.