Secret Admirer - Say it with Flowers, and Gin

What better way to display your love and affection this Valentine's Day by saying it with flowers, or indeed, gin...


Hidden Curiosities gin Floral Botanical Design


With Valentine's Day around the corner, it's surely time to start thinking about a gift. Perhaps you want to anonymously send something to an unwitting crush, or maybe you want to give with grandeur to a significant other? How about flowers? Or gin? Or why not both?

Why not eliminate two flowers with one gin, with Hidden Curiosities or Aranami Strength? Apart from their luxurious flavours, the exterior is also extremely decorative. The stunning designs on the reverse of these bottles are beautifully adorned with flowers, making them ideal gifts this Valentine's Day for any gin enthusiast.


Aranami Strength Gin Reverse Design Dragon Flowers Valentine's Day


Whether we’re talking about a new love or an old flame, Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to express yourself, or simply remind someone how important they are to you. Whether it's early days or you're on a longer journey into the relationship, gift giving holds more weight than you think, especially if it's something you know the recipient would like. Considering your loved one and their feelings certainly won't be overlooked.

Hidden Curiosities Gin Valentine's Day Gift Flowers Roses

Fresh flowers last days, but Hidden Curiosities gin (however long it may last) may be appreciated more, and the decorative bottle can even be kept as a memento. 

Aranami Strength gin flowers cherry blossom valentine's day

Why not encourage the lucky recipient to get creative with their bottle of gin once it's empty? After the gin has been consumed, there are many ways to display it around the home; why not use it as a vase (for when you buy them real flowers), put mini led lights inside, or even turn it into a lamp like some of our customers have ingeniously done?

Hidden Curiosities Gin Light Hidden Curiosities gin lightsHidden Curiosities Gin Lamp LightHidden Curiosities Gin Light Lamp

Opt for our aromatic Hidden Curiosities gin and you'll find 5 different types of peppercorns and green cardamom, discerningly balanced out with bright citrus fruits from Japanese yuzu and pink grapefruit, then finished off with Tahitian vanilla, sweet white mulberries and delicate floral notes. Or if you'd prefer, take a punt at our renowned Aranami Strength gin, which won Best English Navy Strength at the World Gin Awards, featuring 7 exotic botanicals exclusively sourced from Japan, including lemony sansho pepper, cherry blossom and kabosu.

Can't decide between our multi-award winning Hidden Curiosities or Aranami Strength gins for your lucky recipient? Why not go all out and buy both with our money-saving twin pack?

Hidden Curiosities Aranami Strength Gin Twin Pack



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