Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8: A Brighter & Bolder Distillation

Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8 Distilled in the Surrey Hills

Hidden Curiosities is back with a delightful surprise for all gin enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce that Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8 is now ready and available for you to savour.

Each batch we craft is a labour of love, and this one is no exception. With a focus on brighter notes of Japanese citrus and pink peppercorn, along with an extra infusion of juniper, our latest distillation promises to be our best yet. To add depth and character to the flavour profile, we've incorporated more Tahitian vanilla and green cardamom into the mix. With a slight tweak in our distilling method, creator Jenny thinks this batch is something truly special.

Brighter and Livelier

Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8 Yuzu Fruit

Jenny has dedicated herself to perfecting the recipe for Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8, aiming for a spritelier flavour profile, while retaining the characteristics that have made our previous batches so popular. This distillation beautifully captures the essence of Batch No. 7, with its heady depth and pepper-forward spiciness, while introducing an exciting twist.

Juniper Takes Centre Stage

Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8 Macedonian Juniper Berries Oily Mouthfeel


Our latest batch promises an extra boost of juniper, imparting a rich, piney depth to the gin. This crucial ingredient is sourced from Macedonia, known for its aromatic and flavourful berries. This results in a rich and oily mouthfeel, dancing on your palate and providing a robust and full-bodied experience.

Citrus and Spice 

Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8 Gin Distilled in the Surrey Hills

We've increased the presence of Japanese yuzu and pink grapefruit, complementing the piquancy of the five types of peppercorns beautifully. This combination balances bright and zesty citrus notes with a gentle but pungent spiciness.

Tahitian Vanilla's Delicate Finish

Tahitian Vanilla Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8

The infusion of Tahitian vanilla lends a velvety sweetness, balancing the livelier citrus and juniper beautifully. Jenny always chooses Tahitian vanilla over the more widespread Madagascan for its uniquely rich flavour profile - cherry-chocolate, liquorice, caramel - and its lingering floral notes. The spice’s aromatic and round mouthfeel is unmistakable and shows beautifully in Batch No.8. To further perfume the distillation, locally sourced lavender and green cardamom add their nuances to the gin. The alternate distilling method for the lavender results in spectral floral notes, giving the profile a feather-light top note.

Jenny's Perspective

Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8 Distilled in the Surrey Hills

Hidden Curiosities’ creator Jenny shares her thoughts on the latest batch -

“This time, I’ve meticulously fine-tuned the recipe for a brighter and more balanced flavour profile. Upping the citrus and other select botanicals has made the gin livelier which creates more intrigue on the palate.

"The juniper is ever-more present resulting in a deliciously rich and oily mouthfeel, and the pink peppercorn, green cardamom and vanilla have come to the fore in this batch. Finally, the different distilling method has brought a fresher impression of the lavender, with light and airy notes. I'm extremely proud of this one!“

We can't help but feel that we've outdone ourselves this time. We’ve refined rather than reinvented, with Batch No. 8 being perhaps the best expression yet of what Hidden Curiosities gin is all about. So, why wait?

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