Happy 5th Birthday Hidden Curiosities Gin!

Hidden Curiosities Gin Surrey Hills Award Winning 5th Birthday

Sometimes, even if you try to always look ahead, it’s good to remember how far you’ve come. It’s Hidden Curiosities’ fifth birthday this week, and we wanted the chance to reminisce about the journey we’ve been on, and think about what the future holds. In a crowded environment, we’re proud that we’ve kept distilling great gin, and carried on growing and learning. It’s been a short space of time - from just getting started, to learning all about botanicals and perfecting recipes, to visiting gin festivals and winning awards, it has been an absolute joy and a great experience. Every day is a school day!

Five years ago in 2017, Jenny, Hidden Curiosities’ founder, had a dream of distilling her own gin. With something of a can-do spirit, she set about trying different gins out there on the market, deciding what she liked and what she didn’t. After finding attributes that inspired her, she dug deeper, getting into the botanicals that lend a good gin its taste and aroma, working out how to get exactly the flavour profile she saw in her mind’s eye. From these small seeds, Hidden Curiosities began to spring to life.

Jenny Lane Hidden Curiosities Gin Creator Distiller Surrey

 Jenny serving up Hidden Curiosities Negronis at Catford Gin Festival.

Craft distilled in the Surrey Hills, and with a unique blend of aromatics, Hidden Curiosities Original was carefully forged, and extremely well received by the press, gin bloggers, and most importantly of all, its customers. With its unique and carefully crafted blend of botanicals, the gin occupies a niche all of its own, with strong notes of different pepper varietals balanced by pink grapefruit, yuzu and of course juniper, giving the spirit tremendous elegance and a long finish. While this was a wonderful first product for Jenny, and certainly more than a decent start, her curiosity was not sated yet.

In 2019, on International Women’s Day, Hidden Curiosities original was joined by its younger and wilder sibling, Aranami Navy Strength gin. Inspired by her many years of living in Japan, Jenny imbued Aranami Strength with an array of Japanese botanicals, including salted cherry blossom, sansho pepper and shiso leaf, to give a powerful and unusual gin that has won a host of awards and accolades for its punchy but subtle flavours. Bottled at 59% ABV, the gin nonetheless has delicacy and a lightness of touch that belies its power, and as such has been awarded some serious honours along the way.

Both gins were awarded Gold at the International Wines and Spirits Competition 2022, which is just the latest in a list of prestigious awards that we’re proud to have gathered. These include -

For Aranami Strength - 

Aranami Strength Gin Japanese Gin Distilled in the Surrey Hills
  • 2* Great Taste Awards, 2020
  •  Best Navy Strength Gin in England, World Gin Awards, 2020
  • Industry Choice Award, Gin Guide Awards, 2020
  • Gold, Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards, 2020
  • Gin Lord’s Gin of the Year, 2020
  • Gold (96 points) International Wine & Spirits Competition 2022

For Hidden Curiosities Original -

Hidden Curiosities Gin Distilled in Surrey Hills England
  • 2* Great Taste Awards, 2020
  • Bronze, Contemporary Style Gin Category, World Gin Awards, 2020
  • Bronze, Best Brand Range Design, World Gin Design Awards 2020
  • Gold (95 points) International Wine & Spirits Competition 2022

Jenny’s gins have been a fixture at both Junipalooza and other various gin festivals, which are always a joy, and a great chance to meet both eager customers and like-minded gin fans. Meeting new people, trying new products and gathering new ideas is still a big part of Jenny’s approach, and gathering a few awards is a beginning, rather than a destination. New combinations of flavours are a huge source of inspiration, as are the people involved in making new things happen.

Jenny Hidden Curiosities gin creator at Junipalooza Gin Festival
Jenny at Junipalooza Gin Festival in London


Jenny Creator of Hidden Curiosities Gin chelmsford gin festival

  Jenny at Chelmsford Gin Festival


To celebrate the happy occasion, we’re offering £5 off a full-size 500ml bottle of both Hidden Curiosities and Aranami Strength gins for this month only. That’s a pound for every year of our life! We value our customers hugely, and we’re both touched by and proud of the positive reaction that the product has garnered. 

Hidden Curiosities Gin £5 Off Discount Code

Simply use code: 5THBIRTHDAY at the checkout to redeem your discount. Hurry, offer ends Sunday 31st July at Midnight!

From Jenny, the founder - 

"Five years has gone really quickly. I've learned so much during the process, and could scarcely imagine the progress from the first concept I had. I spent a year researching gin before I ever started the journey, and to look back over that time makes me proud of what I've achieved so far. I feel like each one is different and delicious in its own right, and I always encourage people to try both and to see what they like. Most of all I'm heartened by the support I've had, and the overwhelmingly positive response I've had to my creations. I'm not finished yet, but it's great to have the chance to stop and take stock of how far Hidden Curiosities has come!"

Hidden Curiosities Gin Creator Jenny

Enjoy the subtle flavour of Hidden Curiosities on the rocks, in a cocktail or with your favourite tonic, and you can really appreciate the care that goes into each bottle. Raise your glasses with us, as we toast to the next five years!

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