Cocktail Hour: Making Waves - White Wave Cocktail Recipe

How to make our White Wave Cocktail

Hidden Curiosities Gin White Wave White Lady Gin Cocktail

A take on the famous White Lady cocktail, this White Wave is a bit of a tsunami in strength. At 34% ABV, we use Hidden Curiosities Aranami Strength gin, De Kuyper Triple Sec, Yuzu sake, along with fresh lemon & lime. Shaken with egg white and garnished with sansho and a salt rim, this is a very well-balanced blend of salinity, sweetness and sharpness, softened out with the "sea-foam" egg white. The name "Jennifer" (Hidden Curiosities' creator) is said to mean White Wave, so paired with Aranami Strength gin (meaning Raging Waves in Japanese), we thought it was a rather apt moniker for this cocktail.

Hidden Curiosities Gin White Wave Cocktail Gin

This addition to our Curious Cocktail range certainly made waves with gin bloggers and customers alike -

Phil from The Ginasium says, "Even though I like making cocktails at home, we really appreciate someone else making them for us".

Sophia from Gin on the Tyne says, "The White Wave was delicious! Only problem now is what to try next".

Sandra from Juniperchick, "The White Wave cocktail is soooo good. Glad I have another bottle to enjoy again."

What's Katie Doing says, "OMG this is delicious".

Curious? You can purchase a 100ml or 500ml bottle directly from us, or have a go at making it yourself with our recipe below...

 Hidden Curiosities White Wave Cocktail How to Make

White Wave Cocktail


• 50ml Aranami Strength Gin

• 30ml Yuzu Sake

• 30ml De Kuyper Triple Sec

• 5ml Lemon Juice

• 5ml Lime Juice

• 10ml Agave or Sugar Syrup 

• Egg White (or Aquafaba)

• Garnish options: Sansho or Sichuan peppercorns, salt, lemon peel. 

Method: Wet shake ingredients with an egg white (or aquafaba for a vegan alternative), then strain and discard ice, dry shake and strain into a sour or coupe glass.

Garnish: A salt rim & crushed sansho peppercorns, or pinch of salt and lemon peel.

Flavour profile: Salty, Citrusy, Smooth

ABV: 34%

Hidden Curiosities Aranami Strength White Wave Cocktail

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