Christmas Gift Guide for Gin Lovers

Christmas Gift Guide for Gin Lovers

Christmas seems to be approaching faster than ever this year. It probably doesn’t seem long since you took down your tree, and now the supermarkets are full of decorations, selection boxes and Christmas puddings. While getting a gift is good and giving a gift is even better, it can sometimes be hard to think of the perfect present for Christmas morning.

When it comes to finding perfect gifts for the gin connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts in your life, a little help can go a long way. To assist you in this noble task, we've put together a Christmas Gift Guide for gin lovers with suitable options for various occasions – whether it's a Secret Santa at the office, a gift for your best friend, a family member, or your significant other. Our gift selection accommodates all budgets, starting from an affordable £3.50 for our Hidden Curiosities and Aranami Strength enamel pin badges – charming yet sophisticated.

Top among our Christmas gift suggestions is the sought-after Hidden Curiosities Gin x Aranami Twin Pack, designed for the discerning gin enthusiast. This offers a festive double-header of our multi-award winning gin recipes, perfect for a refreshing break from the heavy Yuletide fare.

Alternatively, consider our Ready-To-Serve Premix Curious Cocktails, featuring the unique and fiery Kīlauea Negroni to awaken the senses, or the increasingly popular spiced festive favourite, Santa Cloves: The Negroni. For a distinctive touch, explore our mini cocktail flights that are sure to impress your fortunate recipient.

Discover our standout picks from the Christmas Gift Guide for Gin Lovers below...


Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 8

Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No 8

"This brand new recipe, which has been ever so carefully tweaked for a brighter and livelier flavour profile, retains the heady depth and pepper-forward spiciness of Batch No. 7, while developing existing notes of yuzu and pink grapefruit.

"You will also detect more Tahitian vanilla smoothness on the palate, along with delicate aromas of lavender and cardamom, all tied to an extra boost of piney juniper. While it feels like we say this every time - we think this might be the best batch yet!"

Price: £38


 Curious Cocktails: Kīlauea Negroni

Kīlauea Negroni Hidden Curiosities Gin Curious Cocktails

"Introducing the Kīlauea Negroni - a cocktail to really awaken your senses. A fiery tiki-inspired Negroni, named in honour of the famous volcano on Hawaii's Big Island, this variation brings a little Aloha spirit to the classic drink. 

"Following Jenny's adventures in the island chain, exploring beaches and rainforests for her big birthday, she was inspired to mix this cocktail with a kick and bring those Hawaiian vibes back home.  

"First blending Hidden Curiosities Gin, sweet vermouth and classic Campari, we've added smoky Mezcal and sweet Pineapple for a fiery and tropical flavour profile. To really put you on island time, we finish the blend with Hibiscus, Açaí & Long Pepper Bitters. We're sure you'll love this."

Price: From £10 


 Aranami Navy Strength Gin

Hidden Curiosities Gin Aranami Strength Christmas Gin Gifts for Him and Her

"Where do we start? Crowned Best Navy Strength at the World Gin Awards in 2020, received a GOLD medal at the IWSC awards in 2022 with an impressive 96/100, and to top it off, winning top marks with a hefty 3 stars at the Great Taste awards this year! Our multi-award-winning Aranami Strength gin is the fail-safe Christmas present for gin lovers. 

"Tasting notes from the Great Taste awards this year: "This is a delightfully aromatic complex and nuanced gin. Clear as crystal with an elegantly inviting nose displaying a whisper of ripe juniper, bright and fresh citrus and a dancing hint of sansho pepper with lavender and violet florality. Smooth and silky at first with a velvety texture that suddenly steps up about three gears at once with vibrant peppery intensity! This is a true blockbuster of a gin, sensational!"

"Gaining a lot of coverage with gin bloggers and via social media, there's a reason why this gin has made an impression and blown other gins out of the water. Aranami - meaning Raging Waves in Japanese, is packed full of flavour from 7 Japanese botanicals. It not only tastes incredible simply with tonic, it makes exquisite tasting cocktails. Trust us, the lucky recipient will LOVE this."

Price: £48


Santa Cloves: The Negroni

Hidden Curiosities Santa Cloves the Negroni Premix Cocktail

"Gaining popularity after being introduced last year, this Negroni is our Christmassy twist on the year-round classic; old St. Nick is sure to appreciate a nip of this. Garnish with star anise and orange for a truly festive experience!" 

Price: From £10


Hidden Curiosities Gin Miniature

Hidden Curiosities Gin Miniature


"Filled with our multi-award-winning Hidden Curiosities Batch No.7, these treat-sized gin miniatures make for a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. With a double sided label featuring our signature Hidden Curiosities wolf and dodo design on the reverse, this cute pocket-sized present not only looks beautiful but tastes wonderful too."   

Price: £10 

Hidden Curiosities x Aranami Gin Badge Set

Hidden Curiosities x Aranami Strength Gin Badge Set

"These curious little Hidden Curiosities and Aranami enamel pin badges make the perfect gift for the avid gin-thusiast in your life. Ideal to attach to a blazer lapel, bag, or coat to add an accent to their style, whether geek or chic"

Price: £6


Japanese Style JiggerJapanese Style Jigger Hidden Curiosities Gin

"Impress your guests with your mixology skills in your own home with our stunning Japanese style black & copper plated measuring jigger. Accurate and consistent for getting precise measurements for your cocktails, or G&Ts."

Price £25

Hidden Curiosities Gin Refill Pouch Christmas Gifts for Him and Her

"Our Hidden Curiosities Gin Refill Pouches are recyclable, and provide a reduced carbon footprint being lighter in weight. They also use a significantly smaller amount of plastic than conventional bottles, and result in less energy and waste during production too.

"Now currently on special offer at £6 cheaper than our glass bottles, our refill pouches are a great way to save money. They’re also much lighter in weight for easy transportation - and perfect to send as a gift or to take with you on the plane if you're visiting family members overseas." 

Price: £32


Hidden Curiosities Gin Christmas Bauble

Hidden Curiosities Gin Christmas Bauble

"What perfect way to adorn your Christmas tree with our Hidden Curiosities Miniature Gin Baubles! They make excellent Secret Santa gifts or stocking fillers too."

Price: £12

Hidden Curiosities Gin Copper Plated Speed Pourer

"The perfect gift for the at-home bartender. Avoid any annoying drips or dribbles from the bottle by pouring your gin effortlessly with this attractive copper plated speed pourer. A great way to impress your guests. Fits all standard sized spirit bottles."

Price: £8

Hidden Curiosities x Aranami Strength Gin Twin Pack

"The ultimate gift for the ultimate gin lover - our multi-award winning Hidden Curiosities and Aranami Strength gins will give that lucky recipient a lot to explore with two very different, but equally delicious flavour profiles. What's more, you save £6 when you buy the twin pack."

Price: £80


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