Christmas Gift Guide - For Gin Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner, so we thought you may like some ginspiration for those gin lovers and cocktail enthusiasts in your life. 

We have a variety of gin-related gifts for all sorts of occasions - whether it's a Secret Santa at the office, for your best friend, family member or significant other, there's something to fit every budget, no matter how large or small.

Our most popular Christmas gift suggestions include our Hidden Curiosities Gin x Aranami Twin Pack for the serious gin connoisseur in your life and our 500ml Ready-To-Drink Premix Cocktails. For something different, why not try one of our mini cocktail flights to really wow your lucky recipient?

Take a look at our range of hand-curated picks for gifts this Christmas, or should we say Ginmas? (sorry...)


Santa Cloves: The NegroniSanta Cloves: The Negroni Hidden curiosities Gin

"This Negroni is a Christmassy twist on the year-round classic; old St. Nick is sure to appreciate a nip of this. Garnish with star anise and orange for a truly festive experience!" 
Price: £9


Japanese Style JiggerJapanese Style Jigger Hidden Curiosities Gin

"Impress your guests with your mixology skills in your own home with our stunning Japanese style black & copper plated measuring jigger. Accurate and consistent for getting precise measurements for your cocktails, or G&Ts."

Price £20


Hidden Curiosities Gin Batch No. 7Hidden Curiosities Batch 7 Gin

"Already scooping up a hatful of awards, our classic Hidden Curiosities Aromatic London Dry has been improved with our best ever tasting Batch No. 7, distilled earlier this year. Bursting with flavour from 5 different types of peppercorns, Japanese yuzu, vanilla and delicate floral notes, our original gin is sure to impress even the most discerning of gin connoisseurs."

Price: £36
Hidden Curiosities x Aranami Strength Gin Badge Set
"These curious little Hidden Curiosities and Aranami enamel pin badges make the perfect gift for the avid gin-thusiast in your life. Ideal to attach to a blazer lapel, bag, or coat to add an accent to their style, whether geek or chic"
Price: £6
Aranami Gin Bauble
"What a perfect way to adorn your Christmas tree, with our Aranami Strength Miniature Gin Baubles! They make excellent Secret Santa gifts or stocking fillers too." 
Price: £12
Memoirs of a Geisha Triple Set Cocktails
"Our ready-to-drink pre-mix cocktails gift sets make the perfect Christmas gift. They're so easy to serve; just shake, pour over ice and garnish accordingly for a delectable drink at home. Made with Hidden Curiosities and Aranami Strength gins, and premium selected cocktail ingredients, for a high calibre cocktail experience. Memoirs of a Geisha Triple Set includes Hanky Panky, Sakura Negroni & Yuzu Negroni for a Japanese-influenced cocktail flight."
Price: £28
Aranami Strength Gin
"Crowned Best Navy Strength at the World Gin Awards in 2020, our multi-award-winning Aranami Strength gin is the fail-safe Christmas present for gin lovers. Gaining a lot of coverage with gin bloggers and via social media, there's a reason why this gin has made an impression and blown other gins out of the water. Aranami - meaning Raging Waves in Japanese, is packed full of flavour from 7 Japanese botanicals. It not only tastes incredible simply with tonic, it makes exquisite tasting cocktails. Trust us, the lucky recipient will LOVE this."
Price: £46
Tulip Mixer Glass and Hidden Curiosities Miniature Set
"How about a Hidden Curiosities crystal glass and gin miniature set for a Secret Santa gift? This curvaceous tulip mixer gin glass optimises the process of olfaction (sense of smell) in order to get the most out of Hidden Curiosities gin's botanical notes. It's elegantly embossed with the Hidden Curiosities logo and fine lipped, yet weighty & easy to hold. Ideal for sipping gin neat, on the rocks or can even be used for cocktails"
Price: £15
 Bonfire Negroni Curious Cocktails - Hidden Curiosities Gin
"This Bonfire Negroni from our Curious Cocktail range is a rather unique one. Suited to whisky or mezcal lovers, this ready-to-drink cocktail is incredibly deep and complex, utilising the aromatic spices from Hidden Curiosities gin as the base, a lingering smokiness from La Penca Mezcal, a modest sweetness from the delectable Asterley Brothers English Estate Vermouth, bitterness from classic Campari, and finally finishing off with rich and chocolatey notes from Bob's Chocolate Bitters."
Price: £36
Hidden Curiosities Gin Copper Plated Speed Pourer
"The perfect gift for the at-home bartender. Avoid any annoying drips or dribbles from the bottle by pouring your gin effortlessly with this attractive copper plated speed pourer. A great way to impress your guests. Fits all standard sized spirit bottles."
Price: £5
Hidden Curiosities x Aranami Strength Gin Twin Pack
"The ultimate gift for the ultimate gin lover - our multi-award winning Hidden Curiosities and Aranami Strength gins will give that lucky recipient a lot to explore with two very different, but equally delicious flavour profiles. What's more, you save £6 when you buy the twin pack."
Price: £76

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