Christmas Cocktails - How to Make Santa Cloves: The Negroni

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Cloves: The Negroni is here to bring you some festive joy! Our limited edition premix cocktail is sure to warm your chestnuts and get you in the Christmas spirit. We infuse our original Hidden Curiosities gin with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and yuzu, then complement it with bitter-sweet Campari and deep and fruity Cocchi Torino Vermouth. This Negroni is a Christmassy twist on the year-round classic; old St. Nick is sure to appreciate a nip of this. Garnish with star anise and orange for a truly festive experience!
Santa Cloves The Negroni Cocktail Recipe Hidden Curiosities Gin Christmas Cocktails Gifts

Want to make this at home to impress your Christmas guests? Or simply whet your whistle with a festive tipple or two? This cocktail may require a little bit of time and advance preparation, but the results are glorious.

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Hidden Curiosities Gin Santa Cloves the Negroni Ready to Drink Premix Cocktail

Please note - traditionally, the ratio of a Negroni is 1:1:1 parts gin, vermouth and bitters. However, Campari bitters can be rather dominating and overpowering in a cocktail; so much so, you're just tasting Campari! We like to tone it down a little, slightly increasing the ratio of Hidden Curiosities gin. It's all down to personal taste of course, so if you're a gin geek or cocktail connoisseur like us, why not experiment with different ratios to find your perfect serve?

The recipe is as so -

Santa Cloves: The Negroni

Hidden Curiosities Gin Santa Cloves: The Negroni Ready to Drink Premix Cocktail Recipe Christmas Festive

Ingredients (Makes 4x75ml Cocktails)

• 120ml Hidden Curiosities Gin (Infused with the spices below)
• 100ml Cocchi Torino Vermouth
• 80ml Campari Bitters 
• 8-12 drops of Dashfire Cardamom Bitters (to taste)

Gin Infusion
• 4 Whole Cloves

• Half Cinnamon Stick*
• 1cm cube of Fresh Ginger* 
• 2 Green Cardamom Pods* 
• Yuzu peel (or candied yuzu peel)

*Sourcing these ingredients can be a little awkward unless you have them already, so we recommend Yogi Classic Chai tea bags as a quick substitute for the infusion.

Star Anise
• Orange


1.) Infuse the Hidden Curiosities gin with the listed spices and yuzu peel for 24-48 hours (the longer you leave it, the deeper and more pronounced the flavour).

2.) Drain or sieve the gin into a mixing glass so the liquid is clear of any bits. The gin should have taken on a darker colour thanks to the spices, and should smell wonderful thanks to the spices.

3.) Mix the Campari and vermouth with the gin in the mixing glass, then pour 75ml into each glass over ice. 

4.) Garnish with star anise and a slice of orange, and enjoy! 

Santa Cloves: The Negroni Hidden Curiosities Christmas Cocktail

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