3 Great Taste Stars for Aranami Strength Gin

Great Taste Awards 3 Stars Aranami Strength Gin

After keeping it under our hats for some time, we have some news to share - our Aranami Navy Strength Gin has been awarded three stars out of three at the Great Taste Awards! This high accolade is hugely appreciated, and we’re delighted that the gin has been recognised by the panel. 

The judges test an astonishing 14,000 products during the judging, with less than 2% gaining the coveted three-star rating. We’re pleased to say that they thought our Aranami Strength Gin was worthy of inclusion in this category. Having passed through a series of blind tastings, the judges gave our gin the highest possible rating, saying some wonderful things about our gin:

"This is a delightfully aromatic, complex and nuanced gin. Clear as crystal with an elegantly inviting nose displaying a whisper of ripe juniper, bright and fresh citrus and a dancing hint of sansho pepper with lavender and violet florality. Smooth and silky at first with a velvety texture that suddenly steps up about three gears at once with vibrant peppery intensity!”

Hidden Curiosities Aranami Strength Gin

Another one of the judge’s comments picks out the gin’s the deeper notes:

"There is a woody character to the pepper with hints of cinnamon bark and star anise which builds furiously and reaches a peak of spicy, herby forest fire smokiness. Crunchy sour plum, red cherry and cherry stone then follow on the super long tongue-tingling finale with an olive-like umami note on the thirty-plus-seconds-later finish.”

And one comment that we couldn’t have put better ourselves…

"This is a true blockbuster of a gin, sensational!"

Hidden Curiosities Aranami Strength Gin Great Taste Awards 3 Stars

Of course, for Aranami to be recognised like this means a great deal to us, as well as for the gin’s creator Jenny. It’s the culmination of a lot of her work in devising the recipe, distilling it carefully and ensuring people get to try it. An award like this represents the tip of the iceberg - breathing life into a gin is a passion project first and a business second. We’re enormously happy, and so glad we can finally share the news with you. 

We’d like to thank the Guild of Fine Food for their appreciation, and hope that you enjoy drinking it as much as they did! In a cocktail, a G&T, or simply served straight with some ice, Aranami Strength holds its own in any glass.

Want to get your hands on some multi-award winning gin? You can buy a bottle of our Aranami Strength here.

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