Hidden Curiosities x Aranami Strength Twin Pack (Save £7)

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• 2 x 500ml Bottles (1 x Hidden Curiosities & 1 x Aranami Strength Gin)
• SAVE £7

Order our latest batch here! New and improved recipe with more vanilla and yuzu for a sweeter and smoother London Dry Gin.

Tasting notes:
A complex, yet self-assured gin, featuring the fragrant spices of 5 distinctive peppercorns and green cardamom; inducing an aromatic warmth to the palate, discerningly balanced out with a cornucopia of bright citrus fruits; including Japanese yuzu, pink grapefruit, bergamot and lime. These assertive botanicals are softened with a sweet burst of white mulberries, curiously finished off with the delicate floral notes of violet and lavender.

How to Serve:
Hidden Curiosities gin is a true pleasure to drink neat; generously cascaded over ice, or with a splash of premium tonic to release more of the hidden botanicals.

We recommend two exceptional ways to garnish your Hidden Curiosities gin & tonic - reinforce the vibrant citrus elements with a twist of yuzu or pink grapefruit peel, or intensify the heat of the spices with a handful of pink peppercorns and green cardamom pods for a completely unique and incredible drinking experience.

Aranami 荒波 - meaning "Raging Waves" in Japanese, is our powerful, albeit super silky smooth navy strength gin. At 59% ABV and bursting with flavour from 20 botanicals, (7 of which are specifically sourced from Japan), it really packs a punch just like the dragon emerging out of the tempestuous waters featured on the back of the bottle.

The bottle may appear demure with elegant cherry blossom scattered on the label, but this gin is certainly no delicate flower. Overflowing with citrus, pepper and floral notes with a beautifully long finish, this Aranami gin is sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

Tasting notes:
Waves of bright citrus from Japanese yuzu, tingling spice from lemony sansho pepper, followed by mouthwatering marmalade notes from kabosu and kumquat. Sweetness from creamy Tahitian vanilla, Japanese sour plum and fragrant - almost candied-like - Furano Lavender (from Hokkaido, Japan). Rounded off with delicate herbaceous undertones from shiso leaf, softened and blended harmoniously together with salted cherry blossom.

How to Serve:
Try Aranami Navy Strength Gin neat first, then with ice, followed by a generous splash of premium Indian tonic to open it up and ‘release the dragon’ with a surge of mighty flavours. Jenny, the creator, recommends trying this in a Breakfast Martini with a dollop of Seville orange marmalade, or her favourite, a navy strength Salty Negroni.

There are three exceptional ways to garnish your Aranami Strength gin and tonic. Follow the sweet and sour route with sliced pear and a sprinkling of dried barberries, or why not try Japanese sour plum, strawberry, or golden kiwi. Be daring with a sensory experience of shiso leaf dusted with crushed sansho pepper, or stay simple and make the most of the gin's flavour profile with a zesty citrus twist.

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