Curious Cocktails: Cherry Seafoam Cocktail Twin Set

Why not try out our new limited edition instant pre-mix cocktails? They're so easy to serve, just shake with ice, pour and garnish accordingly for a delectable drink at home.

• With a nod to Cocteau Twins, the ethereal dream pop band from Scotland, this flavoursome beauty is simply not of this world. Using our multi-award winning Aranami Strength gin to tantalise your tastebuds, sour Morello cherry to really get your juices flowing, Asterley Bros. Dispense Amaro to create depth and complexity, and Mancino Sakura Vermouth for sweet floral notes of cherry blossom and violets. Tart and sweet, this works as a perfect pick-me-up cocktail.

Garnish with a fresh or Maraschino cherry.

Flavour profile: Sweet, Complex, Tart
ABV: 26%

• A take on the famous White Lady cocktail, this White Wave cocktail is a bit of a tsunami in strength. At 34%ABV, using Aranami Strength gin, De Kuyper Triple Sec, Yuzu sake, lemon & lime, shaken with egg white and garnished with sansho and a salted rim, this is a very well-balanced cocktail of salinity, sweetness, and sharpness, softened out with the "sea-foam" egg white. The name Jennifer (creator of Hidden Curiosities) is said to mean White Wave, so paired with Aranami Strength gin (meaning Raging Waves in Japanese), we thought it was rather apt for this cocktail.

Method: Wet shake with an egg white (or Aquafaba for a Vegan alternative), then strain and discard ice, dry shake and then strain into a sour or coupe glass.

Garnish: A salt rim & crushed sansho peppercorns, or pinch of salt and lemon peel.

Flavour profile: Salty, Citrusy, Smooth
ABV: 34%

100ml x 2 - perfect for 4 mini cocktails to share, or 2 large ones
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