Hidden Dragon

Hidden Dragon



The story behind the Aranami design 

aranami japanes dragon tattoo

Aranami 荒波 meaning "Raging Waves" in Japanese.


Based on traditional Japanese Irezumi (入れ墨) tattoos, this design features a powerful dragon emerging from the tempestuous waters below, surrounded by wildlife and lush vegetation.

Raging Waves

navy strength gin aranami hidden curiosities

The hidden design on the reverse of Aranami Strength label.

The word Aranami (荒波) translates as "Raging Waves", and this piece was commissioned specially for the multi-award winning Hidden Curiosities Aranami Navy Strength Gin, featuring many of the Japanese botanicals used in the distillation. 

Irezumi & the Yakuza

Photo - Wikipedia Commons Public Domain.

Long considered taboo owing to their association with the Yakuza, traditional hand-poked irezumi can take years to complete, and are only practised in their original form by secretive Horishi (彫師) masters to this day, with word-of-mouth often the only way to encounter them.

Cravat Club Aranami Japanese Dragon Silk Pocket Square

Aranami Silk Pocket Square from Cravat Club.

Aranami Silk Scarf from Cravat Club.

This stunning design is available as a silk pocket square and silk evening scarf from Cravat Club. These are true statement pieces which would liven up any outfit and show off your unique style.


Designed in London by artist Christopher Bardo. Printed and handcrafted in England.