Bonfire Negroni

Bonfire Negroni



Smoky, Chocolatey, Deep

Hidden Curiosities Bonfire Negroni Premix Cocktail

Bonfire Negroni - our latest addition to our premix cocktails.


Just like anything truly delicious, this Bonfire Negroni is sure to grow on you very quickly, incredibly deep and complex, utilising the aromatic spices from Hidden Curiosities gin as the base, a lingering smokiness from La Penca Mezcal, a modest sweetness from the delectable Asterley Brothers English Estate Vermouth, bitterness from classic Campari, and finally finishing off with rich and chocolately notes from Bob's Chocolate Bitters.

Hidden Curiosities Bonfire

Our tulip mixer glasses make the perfect drinking vessel for our pre-mix cocktails.

Bonfire Negroni Orange Peel Dark Chocolate Garnish

Garnish with grated dark chocolate and orange peel - trust me, you'll love this!

Bonfire Negroni premix cocktail large

Available in both 100ml and 500ml bottles. Perfect for a Christmas gift.